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By Darkness Hid (Blood of Kings, Book 1)
Half of Er’Rets is locked beneath an impenetrable shroud. On the side that still sees the sun, two young people struggle to understand the mind-communication abilities thrust upon them. It’s called bloodvoicing. Some say it’s a gift. One of the newly “gifted” wish it had never come. Achan has been a slave all his life. Worse than a slave—a stray. He is consigned to the kitchens of a lord and forced to swallow a foul potion every day. When an enigmatic knight offers to train Achan for the Kingsguard, he readily accepts. But his new skills with the sword do not prepare him for the battle raging between the voices in his head.

The Restorer – Expanded Edition (The Sword of Lyric)
Susan Mitchell sees herself as an ordinary soccer mom, until she’s pulled through a portal into another world, where a nation grappling for its soul waits for a promised Restorer to save their people. She has always longed to do something important for God, but can she fill this role? While she struggles to adapt to a foreign culture, she tackles an enemy that is poisoning the minds of the people, uncovers a corrupt ruling Council, and learns that God can use even her floundering attempts at service in surprising ways.

Bourne (River of Time 3.1 Novella)
The River of Time Series–a Top Pick for over 20 YA book bloggers in 2011! If you like romance, adventure and a dose of medieval Italian culture, you’ll love WATERFALL (book 1), CASCADE (book 2) and TORRENT (book 3). BOURNE, a novella (1/3 the length of a normal novel), picks up right where TORRENT left off…Find out what has happened to men returning from the battle, gravely wounded, to the Betarrinis, fighting for the men they love, and just who is hunting them next…

Incarnation: Wandering Stars Volume One
Since the ages before time was measured, the angelic races have existed. Unseen by our eyes, they move through creation, shaping our world, sustaining our existence, and battling demonic hordes. But the war is changing; the battle lines are expanding into new frontiers and the next epoch is emerging. Seven hundred years after the first humans were exiled from their home, their descendants have pushed eastward into a prehistoric wilderness. In a land shrouded by mist and superstition, primitive tribes struggle to establish new civilizations, unaware that their world is about to change forever.

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  1. I really enjoyed Jill Williamson’s novel, By Darkness Hid. One of these days I need to finish that series :) I’ve heard of The Restorer, but I’m not a fan of modern day people going through a portal to a fantasy world, which is kind of funny because when I was a teenager I started writing a book about some teenagers getting sucked into a different world to rescue someone. Ha!