Today’s $1.99 Christian Kindle eBook Bestseller Markdowns for 4/19/2014

A Time to Dance: Book 1 (Timeless Love Series)
John and Abby Reynolds were the perfect couple, sharing a love born of childhood friendship and deep family ties. They are envied by their friends, cherished by their children, admired by their peers. But John and Abbey are about to lose it all. On the verge of having an affair, John is no more the man Abby married than she is the long-ago girl of his dreams. They are strangers whose days of dancing seem gone forever.

A Time to Embrace: Book 2 (Timeless Love Series)
Their whole life was a series of miracles. Can they really hope for one more? And as tragedy pulls their lives apart, can they somehow find that all-important time to embrace? After twenty-one years, John and Abby Reynolds are back together and feeling like newlyweds. Together they are convinced they can handle the issues of their past, the questions from their children, and even the high-school politics that drain the joy from John’s coaching career. But then disaster strikes…the type of tragedy John and Abby never expected.

The Apothecary’s Daughter
Lillian Haswell, brilliant daughter of the local apothecary, yearns for more adventure and experience than life in her father’s shop and their small village provides. She also longs to know the truth behind her mother’s disappearance, which villagers whisper about but her father refuses to discuss. Opportunity comes when a distant aunt offers to educate her as a lady in London. Exposed to fashionable society and romance–as well as clues about her mother–Lilly is torn when she is summoned back to her ailing father’s bedside. Women are forbidden to work as apothecaries, so to save the family legacy, Lilly will have to make it appear as if her father is still making all the diagnoses and decisions. But the suspicious eyes of a scholarly physician and a competing apothecary are upon her. As they vie for village prominence, three men also vie for Lilly’s heart.

The Girl in the Gatehouse
Miss Mariah Aubrey, banished after a scandal, hides herself away in a long-abandoned gatehouse on the far edge of a distant relative’s estate. There, she supports herself and her loyal servant the only way she knows how–by writing novels in secret. Captain Matthew Bryant, returning to England successful and wealthy after the Napoleonic wars, leases an impressive estate from a cash-poor nobleman, determined to show the society beauty who once rejected him what a colossal mistake she made. When he discovers an old gatehouse on the property, he is immediately intrigued by its striking young inhabitant and sets out to uncover her identity, and her past. But the more he learns about her, the more he realizes he must distance himself. Falling in love with an outcast would ruin his well-laid plans.

Lady of Milkweed Manor
The engaging and moving story of a once proper lady who finds herself in a most unexpected situation; a romance set in Regency England.

Heaven: Your Real Home
An attractive gift book of 100 joyful meditations on the nature of heaven, our hearts’ true home. We all think about heaven–or at least we wonder what will happen to us after we die. For the Christian, these should be comforting, exciting thoughts. In this beautiful devotional gift book, Joni Eareckson Tada has chosen short excerpts from her book, Heaven, and arranged them around common topics such as: Where is heaven and what is it like? What will we do in heaven? Each inspiring and faith-filled meditation is paired with a verse of scripture and a heart-felt prayer.

Hope…the Best of Things
If hope is scarce in your life, this special booklet will draw you-toward a fresh perspective on suffering, true scriptural encouragement, and this beloved author’s hard-won insights about the goodness of God. In her life’s journey Joni has learned to meet suffering on God’s terms. She has learned that joy is for real. And most of all, she has learned that hope is the best of things when we give it a chance. This book powerfully communicates all these truths from someone who has lived them, so that you can live them too, no matter what you’re going through.

And Then I Had Kids: Encouragement for Mothers of Young Children
Susan Alexander Yates is an author who has truly “been there.” When her twin daughters were born, they joined siblings ages two, four, and seven. Through the challenges of raising those five young children, Susan realized the need for an honest, practical book that helps parents through that time of life. This new edition of the best-selling And Then I Had Kids contains guidance for dealing with common struggles such as discipline, priorities, and fatigue. Susan is honest about the frustrations of parenting, yet encourages parents through her own experiences. She offers a biblical perspective on family life, inspiring mothers (and fathers!) to create a loving atmosphere, find good role models, and shape a Christian home.

Everlasting Life: How God Answers Our Questions about Grief, Loss, and the Promise of Heaven
When death affects one’s friends or family, they wonder what to do, what to say, and how to cope. When people contemplate their own death, they wonder what will happen, and where they will go. Dr. David Swanson has led countless people through death and dying and now offers insights into walking through it with hope.

Today’s 99¢ Christian Kindle eBook Bestseller Bargains for 4/19/2014 #amreading

Ashes in the Wind
DEA Agent Greg Jennings is dead—and now they’re saying he was dirty, on the take. His widow, Sara, hiding out in the Witness Protection program after an attempt on her life, refuses to believe it, though everyone else seems to have accepted it as truth. Everyone, that is, except Drug Enforcement Administration Agent James (Mac) MacIntyre, Greg’s best friend. When yet another attempt on Sara’s life drives her out of the Wit Sec program and back home to Phoenix, Mac makes it his personal mission to protect Sara and, in the process, to clear her late husband’s and his best friend’s name. With a ruthless drug cartel hot on their heels and a mole in the agency undermining their every move, Mac and Sara find themselves literally running for their lives—even as romance tugs at their hearts. Will they unearth the truth and outrun the danger in time to carve out a future for themselves?

Colorado Promise (Book One in The Front Range Series)
Book One in the Front Range series – Historical Western Romance. In this passionate sweet Western Historical Romance, author Charlene Whitman introduces Emma Bradshaw—a high-society young woman from New York, who is forced to move out to the untamed Front Range in Colorado and finds that true love can withstand all the dangers the West can throw at her.

RUTH’S REDEMPTION, A Christian Romance of Overcoming and Romance after the Civil War
The Civil War took everything from Ruth Stallings except for her grandmother and sisters. Now without a home or funds, they take the White River as far as it will go and end up in Painted Bluff, Arkansas, a town populated mostly by men out looking for a wife. Sheriff John Powell wants nothing to do with the pretty women or the trouble they bring. Especially when a gang of marauders show up looking for Ruth. Can Ruth and John overcome their differences and find love?

Promise Of The Third Day: Your Day of Destiny has Arrived
This one of the most relevant books you will read this year. What does it mean to be the “end-time people” and to live during the “Third Day”? Author Bruce D. Allen describes his five-year revelation about the Promise of the Third Day and you fit into His incredible plan. You will be amazed at the opportunity God has given you to move in His supernatural ways. Your life can become a miracle! You will be able to recognize the hand of God in your life and the lives of those you love.

Set Free: Discover Forgiveness Amidst Murder and Betrayal
“Gaile Owens is my mother. I am her son. Please do not take this from me. There is no justice in taking her life. There is no justice in denying the healing power of forgiveness.” Stephen Owens was 12 years old in 1985 when he discovered his father at home badly beaten and near death. Evidence proved Stephen’s mom, Gaile, had hired a hit man to carry out the murder, and she was sent to death row. Stephen and Gaile did not see each other for decades, but through an amazing series of life transformations and revelations about the tragic event, God opened a door for both of them to be set free — one from a prison of unforgiveness, the other from a literal prison cell.

The Hole in Our Holiness: Filling the Gap between Gospel Passion and the Pursuit of Godliness
The hole in our holiness is that we don’t care much about holiness. Or, at the very least, we don’t understand it. And we all have our reasons too: Maybe the pursuit of holiness seems legalistic. Maybe it feels like one more thing to worry about in your already overwhelming life. Maybe the emphasis on effort in the Christian life appears unspiritual. Or maybe you’ve been trying really hard to be holy and it’s just not working! Whatever the case, the problem is clear: too few Christians look like Christ and too many don’t seem all that concerned about it.

Today’s 7 FREE Christian Kindle eBooks for 4/19/2014 #amreading

Picture Perfect (Weddings by Design Book #1): A Novel
Feisty wedding photographer Hannah McDermott has dealt with her share of difficult brides. But none can compare to the ultimate Bridezilla she’s dealing with now. Still, she’s trying desperately to impress Bella Neeley, Galveston Island’s most sought-after wedding planner, so she can take the top spot in Bella’s list of recommended photographers–a spot currently occupied by her arch-rival, Drew Kincaid. What she doesn’t count on, however, is falling head over heels for the competition. With her contagious humor and cast of quirky characters, Janice Thompson gives readers more of the bridal business drama they want in a brand-new series all about those long-suffering people who make beautiful weddings happen. Readers are desperately waiting for more of Bella and this new series brings her back in a big way, while introducing new characters fans will love. Fans will laugh out loud as they experience this breezy and entertaining novel from a great storyteller.

Second Chance Ranch (The Circle D series)
Pediatric nurse, Jennifer O’Reilly returns home to Hawk Ridge, Colorado to establish a mountain recreation camp as a safe adventure for children battling cancer. Her path to ownership depends on developing a profitable business plan to convince the bank she can manage not only the camping facility, but the entire Trails’ End Ranch operation. Generations earlier, one misplayed hand of poker lost the family ranch, and Zac Davidson, youngest son and financial genius of the Circle D, wants it back. Intrigued since childhood by the legend of his great grandfather, Zac is the only family member who holds out hope that one day the Trails’ End would become Davidson property again. When the Trails’ End goes on the market, cost is no object — only Jennifer O’Reilly stands between Zac and his dream.

“Power at any price!” Riveting psycho-drama with an ‘end-times’ twist. Portrayed with power and reality, this saga of a kidnapped child could be today’s—or tomorrow’s—headlines. Jeremy and Janisa Clark’s desperate search for their four-year-old daughter backfires with tragic consequences as they encounter gang-bangers, skin-heads, occult sacrifices, germ warfare, and murder entangled in the twisted schemes of corrupt politicians attempting to initiate a one world government. As the nation descends into chaos, Janisa unexpectedly meets FBI agent, Sean McArthur. His irreverent humor and deep faith may provide an answer for her fractured soul; yet his investigation is not authorized by the Bureau and could be shut down at any time. Is Lora even alive? And if she is not dead, what horrible things are happening to her and can he find her in time?

Blessings From Above: A Deeper Look at the Beatitudes
If someone asked you to define the word “blessing,” how would you respond. What would you say qualifies as a blessing? Is it something physical? A position? What is the determining factor that makes something a blessing? This book, written by Heather Hart, is the first in a series of Bible study books for Christian women. It takes readers verse by verse through the blessings mentioned in the beatitudes, providing real life examples as well as verses for a deeper look into the beatitudes.

Forgiving Forward: Unleashing the Forgiveness Revolution
They’re in our family…they’re our friends…they’re at work…they’re people we meet on the street…people overwhelmed with guilt, anger and bitterness. They live in defeat, depression and hopelessness. YOU can help them. Forgiving Forward is unleashing a revolution where people are helping liberate others through the Protocols of Forgiveness. God is looking for partners to deliver this transformational truth. YOU can join Him and rescue people from the pain of torment, once and for all—guaranteed!

Power of Persistent Prayer, The: Praying With Greater Purpose and Passion
Cindy Jacobs, bestselling author and recognized leader in the worldwide prayer movement, brings her passionate message to all Christians who struggle with prayer or desire to be more effective prayer warriors. This powerful guide will answer such questions as, “Why does it take so long to receive answers to my prayers?” “How can I take my prayer life to the next level?” and many more. Whether they wonder why their prayers aren’t answered, if God likes the way they pray, or if they are persistent enough in their prayers, Jacobs addresses these concerns and provides solid biblical answers.

Whole Bible Story, The: Everything That Happens in the Bible in Plain English
Sometimes readers just want to know what happens next. Dr. William Marty presents the entire narrative of the Bible in chronological order from creation to the New Testament Church. The action moves smoothly from story to story without slowing down for law, poetry, prophecy, or instruction. The Whole Bible Story is perfect for new Christians looking to understand the overall flow of the Bible or seasoned believers wanting a refresher course. It can be read straight through or used as a reference tool for better understanding of specific biblical events.

Book Spotlight: Single Christian Female ~ Only 99¢ for a limited time!

Single Christian Female
Has God forgotten you? Always the bridesmaid, never the bride? Disillusioned by relationships – even Christian ones?

Single Christian Female will give you the answers. It is a book about singleness, destiny, faith, and living beyond mediocrity. Sarah writes with a raw edge that will change your ideas on God, Christianity, women, youth, and much more. You will be inspired, challenged, encouraged, and amazed by this journey of a Single Christian Female.

Christine Caine writes: If you have ever struggled with the issue of marriage, singleness, the will of God, you will find hope in these pages. You will laugh, and be stirred and challenged. I suggest you give one to a friend too so that they are inspired to make the right choices when it comes to love, relationships, dating and marriage.

Today’s $3.99 and under Christian Kindle eBook Bestseller Markdowns for 4/18/2014

The Jim Rubart Trilogy: Rooms, Book of Days, and The Chair
James L. Rubart burst onto the scene with his best-selling debut novel Rooms, quickly becoming one of the most acclaimed Christian fiction writers in recent memory. Hailed as “a master storyteller” by, Rubart creates stories that engulf readers and make it “impossible to think of anything else until finished.” (Terri Blackstock, New York Times best-selling author) For the first time, you can now get all three of Rubart’s novels together at once. Rooms, a profound spiritual tale spun with imaginative flair, transports you to rainy Seattle where software tycoon Micah Taylor receives a cryptic note telling of a beachfront home he inherited from an uncle he hasn’t seen in twenty-five years. Micah soon discovers there is more to this home than what is on the surface—it is in fact a physical manifestation of his soul, which God uses to heal Micah’s darkest wounds and lead him into an astonishing new destiny.

Dark Justice: A Novel
If I’d had any idea what those words would mean to me, to my mother and daughter, I’d have fled California without looking back. While driving a rural road, Hannah Shire and her aging mother, who suffers from dementia, stop to help a man at the scene of a car accident. The man whispers mysterious words in Hannah’s ear. Soon people want to kill Hannah and her mother for what they “know.” Even law enforcement may be involved. The two women must flee for their lives. But how does Hannah hide her confused mother? Carol just wants to listen to her pop music, wear her favorite purple hat, and go home. And if they turn to Hannah’s twentyseven- year-old daughter, Emily, for help, will she fall into danger as well?

Strand of Deception (A Justice Seekers Novel)
When Gina Ford, the daughter of a prominent Tennessee politician, goes missing from the University of Memphis a week after another girl was murdered on the same campus, police call in the FBI. Nick Hagar, married to his job as Special Agent in Charge, is assigned to the case, and when Gina’s body is found, her father demands justice. Maddie Baxter is the forensic expert running DNA tests from the crime scene. When they come back without a match, Nick asks her to do a familial DNA run that yields a shocking result: the prime suspect is Adam Alexander, the very same guy who broke Maddie’s heart when she was in college.

Beauty to Die For (A Spa Mystery)
Juliette Taylor walked away from her career as a supermodel twenty-five years ago. Now approaching fifty – an emotionally complex milestone — she co-owns a beauty supply company that makes skincare products for salons and spas. Her niche is pampering Christian women who usually spend more time caring for others than for themselves under the slogan:Isn’t it time someone took care of YOU for a change?When Juliette arrives at the Palm Grotto Spa to host a spiritual retreat, she runs into an old modeling colleague, Raven, who had always been disliked in the industry for many reasons. She isn’t there for the retreat; in fact, her presence at the spa is somewhat mysterious.Not long after Raven makes a cryptic threat to Juliette, the unsympathetic back-then beauty is found dead, poisoned by something in the green clay of a chai soy wrap. The following morning, a banner for the retreat has been unceremoniously altered:It’s your turn to be nurtured, to be restored . . . to be murdered.Suspicion is directed at Juliette who has history with Raven and certainly knows how to use beauty products. But for murder?! Now she must find the real killer before the police really take care of her.

Courting Ruth (Love Inspired)
Amish widow Hannah Yoder prays her daughters will each find a husband someday. Still, sensible Ruth believes it’s God’s will that she stay home and help care for her younger sisters. But when a handsome young man comes to Kent County, Ruth starts to rethink her plans. Not yet part of the church, Eli Lapp is allowed to run wild. Yet something in Ruth’s sweet smile and gentle manner makes him yearn to settle down—with her at his side. Can Eli convince her that their lives should be entwined together on God’s path?

Amish Circle Letters: The Complete Series
In Amish Circle Letters, follow the journey of a series of letters that pass through the Fisher family. Meet feisty Mary Ruth, the young woman who prefers her independence to conformity, Steve who gave up long ago on finding love, and little Katie who makes a new friend in Melvin, a friendship that has the potential to grow into something more. As Amish do not use computers or cell phones to communicate, Amish women will often write circle letters, letters that they send to a list of addresses of people that they would like to include in the correspondence. Since they do not have access to photocopiers, the first person on the list will receive the letter, read it, and respond. That person sends both the first letter and their response to the second name on the list. This continues until the entire package of letters goes full-circle, returning to the original sender. An Amish Christian Romance that will leave you breathless and wanting more. Sarah Price, bestselling author of Amish Christian Romances, brings her twenty-five years of experience living among the Amish and from growing up Mennonite to the pages of her novels and novellas, in order to present a truly authentic Amish experience just for her readers.

The Unexpected Jesus
Jesus divides history, your birthday is determined by his! But why should that be? This is a man who evokes the widest polarisation of opinion of any historical figure: devotion from some, vitriolic abuse by others and astonishing indifference from many. Today most people just don’t know who he really was, or is, or don’t care. People still put forward all kinds of ideas about who he was. Books like ‘The Da Vinci Code’ propose that he was only a man (in which case why are his descendants so important?). Many religions have other ideas – everyone has an opinion whether based on fact or fiction. Those for and against have often resorted to name- calling, but in the Bible Jesus was both called by, and gave himself, unusual names. Noted theologian, R. C. Sproul, seeks to enlighten us by investigating what those names actually mean. From there he determines what Jesus set out to do. Jesus is no mere historical figure, he is as important in the 21st century as he was when he walked the earth.

Fully Alive: A Biblical Vision of Gender That Frees Men and Women to Live Beyond Stereotypes
What makes a man masculine? A woman feminine? Did God design the two genders so differently? If so, why? The answers to these questions will free women and men to gladly embrace all that it means to be fully alive as gendered bearers of God’s image who can profoundly impact others for good by the way they relate.

The Action Bible: God’s Redemptive Story (Picture Bible)
Here’s the most complete picture Bible ever, now available as an eBook! And it features a captivating, up-to-date artwork style—making it the perfect Bible for today’s visually focused culture. The Action Bible presents 215 fast-paced narratives in chronological order, making it easier to follow the Bible’s historical flow—and reinforcing the build-up to its thrilling climax. The stories in The Action Bible clearly communicate to contemporary readers. This compelling blend of clear writing plus dramatic images in an easy-to-navigate digital version offers an appeal that crosses all age boundaries. Brazilian artist Sergio Cariello has created attention-holding illustrations marked by rich coloring, dramatic shading and lighting, bold and energetic designs, and emotionally charged figures.

The Red Sea Rules: 10 God-Given Strategies for Difficult Times
Just as Moses and the Israelites found themselves caught between “the devil and the deep Red Sea,” so are we sometimes overwhelmed by life’s problems. The Red Sea Rules reveals that even in the midst of seemingly impossible situations God promises to make a way for us. His loving guidance will protect us through danger, illness, marital strife, financial problems, or whatever challenges Satan places in our path. Using the Israelites’ story in Exodus 14 as an example, Robert Morgan offers ten sound strategies for moving from fear to faith. Life is hard, especially for Christians. It is certain that we will face difficulties, and that God will allow them, as He allowed the Israelites to become trapped between Pharaoh’s rushing armies and the uncrossable Red Sea. But just as certain is the fact that the same God who led us in will lead us out. As The Red Sea Rules makes comfortingly clear, He is in control.

Early Pentecost Gift Card and Kindle Book Giveaway

Alright, we know it’s not Pentecost yet, and “Easter book give away” didn’t sound right. A few guests of the Fire On Your Head podcast who’ve also authored some great books have banded together to offer a $30 Amazon gift certificate along with a copy of one of their books.

Below are the books we’re giving away. Scroll to the bottom of this page to enter the raffle and you could be one of two people who wins them, or one person who wins them along with the gift card.

Contest ends Friday, April 25th at midnight E.S.T.

The Books Included In The Giveaway

How to Overcome Sin: A Practical Guide to Freedom

How to Overcome Sin goes through scripture and describes the cause and effect of sin, and the stunningly simple solution!

  • Are Christians doomed to sin for their whole life?
  • Is the struggle with a sin nature unavoidable?
  • What does it really mean to be “free indeed”?

D. R. Silva answers those questions and many more in one of the most practical and powerful books written on the subject of sin. Discover empowering new insights about some of the most well-known verses in the Bible, including Romans 7 and the Fall of Man. Learn how sin functions and affects mankind so you can get equipped to live above the problem before it begins. Join the countless people around the world who practice these truths and are now enjoying a lifestyle of effortless victory over sin!

Praise, Worship, and the Presence of God
Why do we do worship the way we do? Why do we structure the typical church service around something the apostles never did? Why do we have a near mandatory forty-five minutes (or much more) of singing in many churches before the preaching? What theology underlies our practices? What did Jesus say about the manifest presence of God? What expectations do we have in our worship services and why do we have those expectations? What is the restoration of David’s tent? What does it mean to worship in “spirit and truth?” This book answers these and other questions from a grace-based, new covenant perspective, and offers a “better way to worship.”

God’s Will is Always Healing: Crushing Theological Objections to Healing
God’s Word teaches that healing and health are God’s will for every person, every time. However, if you’ve been a Christian very long, you’ve probably heard some seemingly “Scriptural” objections that complicate the simple truth that God is Good, and His will is always Healing… such as:

· Doesn’t God allow suffering, trials, tribulations and evil?
· What about Job?
· Doesn’t God use sickness to teach and mature us?
· What about Paul’s “thorn in the flesh”?
· What about “God’s timing?”
· Didn’t healing and miracles stop or fade away a long time ago?
· If God’s will is always healing, then why am I sick?

In this nearly 400-page book we use over 600 Scriptures to tackle and destroy all of these manmade traditions (and many more). Perhaps more importantly than crushing these specific objections, we’ll establish some larger, more central truths as foundations in our lives…

· Old Covenant vs. New Covenant
· Invisible Truth vs. Visible Circumstances
· God’s Goodness vs. the Devil’s Badness
· The Believer’s Authority and God’s Sovereignty
· Salvation, The Atonement, and Christ’s Finished Work
· Jesus is our Example and Standard, and
· We are one with the Exalted Christ

Once these Bible basics become the lenses through which we view the world (and the Word), we will never again wonder about God’s will concerning healing. If you need healing, or desire to confidently and effectively minister healing to others, then this is the book for you!

With a full Study Guide containing a dozen “Questions for Discussion, Study and Review” from each chapter, this is an ideal book for personal study or family/group discussion. Church, let’s obliterate the man-made traditions that have held us back, and grow up in Christ!!!

9 Lies People Believe About Speaking in Tongues
Have you ever believed or been told that speaking in tongues is not for today? Or do you believe that it is for today, but not for everybody, or that its contemporary use is suspicious?

These are some of the most common misconceptions people have about this particular gift of the Holy Spirit. In this book, Steve Bremner Scripturally answers these and other objections to modern-day glossolalia.

Other objections covered in this book include:
“Tongues are not for today.”
“Holy Spirit baptism already happened at salvation.”
“Speaking in tongues is the least important of the spiritual gifts.”
“You aren’t supposed to speak in tongues unless there’s an interpreter.”
“You can’t just speak in tongues at will.”

This book will help you destroy the traditions of man and the lies of religion that nullify the power of God in your life. Begin a new love walk and experience depths in God you never knew were possible through praying in tongues.


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Today’s 5 FREE Christian Kindle eBooks for 4/18/2014 #amreading

Summers’ Love, A Cute and Funny Cinderella Love Story
Following the collapse of her interior design business, Kate Winston moves to Georgetown with hopes of making it as a sales rep for Tasmania, a company selling personal protection devices for women. With rapes, robberies, and domestic violence on the rise, the nation’s capital is a ripe market. But Kate’s stun gun party implodes when her guests demand she sweeten the deal by providing autographed copies of In Heat, the latest best-selling novel by Stu Summers. With creditors breathing down her neck, Kate drives to Page Me Books, where adoring fans clamor for an autograph with the New York Times sexy and single romance writer.

Amish Faith: Rebekah’s Book (Amish in College #1)
Book 1 of the Amish in College Series by Kristina Ludwig, author of the best selling Amish Hearts Series Rebekah is not your ordinary pre-veterinary student: she’s only seventeen years old, and she’s Amish! On the surface, Rebekah seems to be adjusting well to college life. She’s dating Braeden, a sophomore hottie, and she’s even getting along with her flighty, messy roommate Allie. But as Rebekah struggles with her demanding classes and the competitive atmosphere on campus, she realizes that there is something missing from her college experience: the beautiful Amish faith that she grew up with.

21 Teen Devotionals…For Girls! (True Beauty Books)
Our lives are ruled by habits. We are defined by them. How our days play out, how we act and react, and even how we eat, sleep and talk are all affected by our habits – for better or for worse. It’s said that it takes 21 days to form a new habit or break an old one, so why not spend the next 21 days forming a habit of spending time with God? If you’ve got 21 days, we’ve got 21 devotions specifically written for today’s teen girls.

All in a Season: A Skeptic’s Journey
ALL IN A SEASON tells the story of one man’s earnest search for God’s Father Heart. It celebrates the love our Heavenly Father has for each of us on our own spiritual journey. We travel the road with Dawid Malherbe through his spiritual season as he discovers the power of the Holy Spirit and the seven I AM names of God. As a self-confessed skeptic, Dawid’s life is transformed when he hears the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit.

The Daily Message Devotional: 365 Devotions to Bring You Closer to Christ
Do you want to improve your walk with God? Do you want to know what the Bible has to say on issues that affect us all as believers? Forged from an internet ministry of 11 years with tens of thousands of readers in its time, The Daily Message Devotional is a 365-day study created to provide you a challenging and practical application from God’s Word each day. This is not “fluffy Christianity.”