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Take One (Above the Line Series Book 1)
Could they change the world—before the world changes them? Filmmakers Chase Ryan and Keith Ellison left the mission field of Indonesia for the mission field of Hollywood with a dream bigger than both of them. Now they have done the impossible: raised enough money to produce a feature film with a message that could change the world. But as Chase and Keith begin shooting, their well-laid plans begin to unravel. With millions of dollars on the line, they make a desperate attempt to keep the film from falling apart—even as a temperamental actress, a botched production schedule, and their own insecurities leave little room for the creative and spiritual passion that once motivated them. Was God really behind this movie after all? A chance meeting and friendship with John Baxter could bring the encouragement they need to stay on mission and produce a movie that will actually change people’s lives. In the midst of the questions and the cameras, is it possible to keep things above the line and make a movie unlike anything done before—or is the risk too great for everyone?
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No One to Trust (Hidden Identity Book #1): A Novel
She doesn’t know who she’s running from–and the man she loves may be someone else entirely. Summer Abernathy wakes up one morning to find her husband missing, three men in her home intent on finding him, and the life she’s been living based on a lie. Which Kyle Abernathy did she marry? The computer programmer she met in line at the bank? Or the one who was apparently using that image as a cover? The search for her husband–and answers–takes Summer ever deeper into a world of organized crime where people are used one moment and discarded the next. And with her deepest relationship of trust already shattered, Summer doesn’t know who to believe.
Book 2 is available:

My Heart, the Holy Spirit’s Home: A Woman’s Guide to Welcoming the Holy Spirit Into Your Daily Life
The Holy Spirit is the Teacher ready to personalize your individual program of growth in God. He’s the Attendant waiting to take your arm and lead you to places beyond your wildest dreams. He’s the Guide who loves to bring the Word alive in your life. Like the other members of the Trinity, He is real and tangible and longs to commune with you throughout your day. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? If you are hungry for deep communion with God, the Holy Spirit is ready and willing to make that happen. He only awaits your permission to be a free, active and personal influence on your heart. But how? My Heart, the Holy Spirit’s Home answers your questions about the Holy Spirit and shows you how to exchange caution for certainty and weakness for power. This scripturally rich yet accessible book is your invitation to develop an intimate, daily relationship with the Spirit by opening the door of your life to His indwelling.

Set-Apart Motherhood: Reflecting Joy and Beauty in Family Life
Being a mother is tough, and sometimes life can be hectic and disorganized. The truth is, moms don’t have to accept the chaos or resign themselves to the attitude of “this is just the way it is.” By God’s grace, every mother can purpose not to settle for anything less than His pattern for motherhood, and His pattern is victorious, triumphant, and glorious. Now, women who first met Leslie Ludy in When God Writes Your Love Story and Authentic Beauty can continue journeying with her through the realities of motherhood. Leslie will encourage, inspire, and equip moms to be successful in raising their kids, managing their homes, and keeping Christ at the center of their mothering. Written from the perspective of a mom who is currently “in the trenches” with several young children at home, Leslie will help guide readers to become mothers who are set apart for God’s purposes.

Going All In: One Decision Can Change Everything
No one has ever sacrificed anything for God. If you always get back more than you gave up, have you sacrificed anything at all? The eternal reward always outweighs the temporal sacrifice. At the end of the day, our greatest regret will be whatever we didn’t give back to God. What we didn’t push back across the table to Him. Eternity will reveal that holding out is losing out.
More from the author for $1.99 each:

Autopsy of a Deceased Church: 12 Ways to Keep Yours Alive
No one wants to see a church die. And yet, far too many churches are dying. For more than twenty-five years, Dr. Thom Rainer has helped churches grow, reverse the trends of decline, and has autopsied those that have died. From this experience, he has discovered twelve consistent themes among those churches that have died. Yet, it’s not gloom and doom because from those twelve themes, lessons on how to keep your church alive have emerged.

I Am a Church Member: Discovering the Attitude that Makes the Difference
Best-selling author and ministry leader Thom S. Rainer drew an exceptional response when he posted a 500-word declaration about church membership to his daily blog. “I Am a Church Member” started a conversation about the attitudes and responsibilities of church members — rather than the functional and theological issues — that previous new member primers all but ignored.

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The Bargain – One Man Stands Between a Destitute Desert Town and Supernatural Destruction (.99 Book Series – Suspense)
2014 Selah Finalist – Connor Reedly will do anything to appease Nadine, his dying wife. Her cancer is voracious, relentless. So when she asks to see her sister Aida Mitchell in Hailey, California, a destitute desert town, he reluctantly agrees. When she asks him to meet Mason Becker, a friend of her sister, he unwillingly complies. Mason offers him $250,000 to write ten articles in eight days, insinuating if Connor agrees, Nadine will be healed. Connor assumes Mason is psychotic, but it’s a risk he feels he must take. Who is Mason, really? Where did he get the money? What was the purpose of these articles? If Mason refuses to answer these questions, Connor promises to walk out on the project. It is then that Mason reveals the truth of the situation – a truth that, at first, sounds far-fetched. A truth that will shake Connor to his very core. It will capsize his deepest held convictions; it will rattle his blackest skeletons; it will threaten his very life.

This Quiet Sky
There is nothing extraordinary about Tucker O’Shay’s dreams. Go to college. Become president. Fall in love. And pretend like he has enough time to get it all done. Sixteen-year-old Sarah Miller doesn’t expect anything out of the ordinary when she begins her first day at the one-room-school house in her new hometown of Rocky Knob. But when she meets seventeen-year-old Tucker O’Shay—the boy with the fatal illness who volunteers to tutor her in algebra—she finds herself swept up in a friendship that changes the way she sees the world and a love that changes her life.

Fields of the Fatherless (Historical Fiction)
Winner of the 2014 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award – In the early months of 1775, war is brewing in the American colonies. Although frightened, eighteen-year-old Betsy Russell (an ancestor to actor Kurt Russell) of Menotomy Village, Massachusetts, wants to be prepared in case of attack by British troops. Her father, prosperous farmer Jason, is the fourth generation of Russells on this land yet their very rights as British Colonials are being stripped away one by one. Will the King of England take their land as well? Tensions are growing here in the countryside west of Boston and the outbreak of battle seems a certainty. Jason desperately wants to protect his family his wife, children and grandchildren and their future. Betsy makes every attempt to be prepared for the worst. But not even the American militia could have predicted the bloody massacre that was about to occur right on the Russells doorstep. If Betsy loses everything she holds dear, are the rights of all the Colonists endangered?

The Glasses We Wear: Reflections On Christian Worldview
Did you know that each one of us wears glasses? Even if you have 20/20 vision, you wear worldview glasses, a particular set of lenses through which you view the world and interpret life. For example, how do you see God? Is He loving, relational, cruel, distant, or maybe just imaginary? And how do you see yourself? As a good person who is in control, happy, and living with purpose? Or instead as insignificant, lost, or broken? The answers to these questions have life-changing implications and deserve careful consideration.

Messy Faith: Daring to Live by Grace
Raw and thought-provoking, Messy Faith offers no sugar-coated clichés or pat answers. Instead, it offers reassurance for the messy times. You’ll be refreshed and encouraged as you begin to grow into a deeper, more authentic faith. Most of all, you’ll be reminded of God’s perfect love for imperfect people.

Deliver Us from Evil
As Americans face the ongoing war against terrorists and their state sponsors around the world, Sean Hannity reminds us that we must also cope with the continuing scourge of accommodation and cowardice at home. With his trademark blend of passion and hard-hitting commentary, he urges Americans to recognize the dangers of putting our faith in toothless “multilateralism” when the times call for decisive action. For only through strong defense of our freedoms, at home and around the world, can we preserve America’s security and liberty in the dangerous twenty-first century.

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Hearts Stolen (Texas Romance Series Book 2)
Unbeknownst to loved ones, a headstrong young wife is snatched off the prairie by two Comanche braves, carried north of the Red River, and traded to their war chief for ponies. After five years, a small detail of Texas Rangers rides into camp, and she determines that day will bring freedom or death. She’ll remain captive no more. Sassy Nightengale almost gives up hope until a company of Texas Rangers rides into Bold Eagle’s peace camp. She learns they’ve come for the negotiated exchange of stolen white women, except her name isn’t on their list. Purposing in her heart to escape captivity with her blue eyed, four- year-old that day, she does everything she can to be noticed. Famed Texas Ranger Levi Baylor spots the red headed beauty and agrees to the war chief’s price adding his personal horse and weapon to the Republic agents’ offerings. The trade propels the couple on a trail of joy and sorrow. Sweet love blossoms but must be denied. His integrity and her faith in God keep them at arm’s length, not allowing even a kiss. Sassy’s still married to her son’s father, and Levi’s honor bound to deliver her home—to her husband. Can their forbidden love be made holy? God hates divorce. Is it wrong to hope, expect Nightengale to relinquish his wife and son? Will Sassy and Levi find the redemption they seek for their troubled souls?
More in this series:

Prodigal Nights
Prodigal Nights, 2011 Women of Faith Writing Contest Finalist – For two returning prodigals will the challenge to live “good” withstand the allure to be bad? After a nasty divorce, Bethany Davis returned to college and lived up to the low standards set by gossips. Her dad’s stroke has now brought her home, and Bethany finds herself in a dilemma—how can she get beyond her past, learn to trust again, and live a “good” life? Bethany’s father’s involvement in the defense industry adds excitement to her expectation of a boring life back home. However, bodyguards, stalkers, and international secrets are the least of her problems—opening her heart to trust again is a totally different matter. And the mutual attraction with her new team leader, Jason Ross, spells the possibility of big-time heart trouble.

When I’m With Jesus: For Any Child with a Loved One in Heaven
Children wonder about Heaven, especially when someone they love goes there. They have questions they are often afraid to ask grieving adults, and need reassurance that their feelings are normal. Beautifully illustrated, When I’m With Jesus helps children see a loved one’s transition to Heaven as a joyful thing. It comforts children with a tangible reminder that they have not been forgotten and are still loved.

Right Now Prayers: Revive your Faith and Unleash the Power of Prayer in your Life
Stop being defeated by life’s challenges – it’s time for a faith revival! Many of us deal with stressful situations, but the good news is, God gives us answers when we pray. With Right Now Prayers, you will see how a prayer warrior and faithful members of his prayer group faced challenges in their lives with the power of prayer. In this inspirational prayer guide, you’ll get examples how to: Fight Against Attacks from the Enemy: Whether the situation is asking for healing, needing resolution for financial problems, forgiving a person who hurt you, or other issues, this book gives examples of prayer that will help you. You will also get power scriptures and images for additional encouragement. You will see that God still answers prayers!

Remember Who You Are…: You are Loved and Carry the Authority of Jesus
You have been embraced with an outrageous authenticity of an exchanged life, His for yours. Most believers have never been taught that God is always in a good mood and totally in love with them. As a result, families and churches create shaming cultures that place Christians in spiritual bondage. Remember Who You Are presents the truth that only the powerful love of God and a revelation of who you are to Him can break this too-common oppression. Then you can be confident knowing you are loved and carry the authority Jesus gave you as His Bride.

Book Spotlight: Come Empty ~ Only 99¢ Today!

Come Empty: Pour Out Life’s Hurts and Receive God’s Healing Love (Daily Devotionals)
When a water vessel is filled with dirt and stones, it cannot be used to quench a thirst. But, when this vessel is emptied, there is an opportunity to fill it until it overflows with fresh, cool, life-giving water. Water that quenches. Refreshes. Soothes.

Our souls are the same: filled with fear, doubt, and disappointment. Running over with unanswered prayers and lingering questions. When we empty the mess of our lives in the presence of God, we’re offered an invitation to come. An invitation that allows us to come empty – so that we can be filled until we overflow.

Come Empty – Pour Out Life’s Hurts and Receive God’s Healing Love guides you through fifty days of experiencing the fullness of God’s love and His ability to overcome life’s hurts. Each day, you will receive assurance of God’s presence in your difficult situations. Each devotion gives new vision and perspective when you’re hindered by emotional blind spots, and leads you to experience God’s peace and wholeness. When His invitation is accepted, He will set your captive mind and heart free to live fully by His grace. The question is not if you will get an invitation. The question is, will you come?
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Gatehaven: A Novel
Gatehaven by Molly Noble Bull is a Christian Gothic historical novel set in a haunting mansion in the north of England where Ian Colquhoun and Shannon Aimee battle a Frenchman with dark secrets–spiritual warfare vs. the occult. Will they learn enough about God’s words to defend themselves and others or will evil overcome them?

In the Twinkling of an Eye (Faith Classics)
If you enjoy end-times fiction, you’ll love this perspective on the rapture, as Sydney Watson’s classic novel of Christ’s return takes place in turn-of-the-twentieth-century London. What happens when thousands of Christians simply disappear? Why are some people taken while others remain? Eyewitness Tom Hammond, a journalist, will find out. Fast-paced, exciting, and thought-provoking, this edition of In the Twinkling of an Eye has been lightly abridged and updated, and specially typeset for optimal reading.

For the Love of Dogs
From the author of the Copper Star series, winner of multiple awards, comes this heartwarming tale of Samantha Christiansen, a young woman who is capable, confident, good at her job of managing the family’s olive oil ranch…and is going blind. Gently pushed by her family to get a guide dog, Samantha is partnered with Azure, a yellow lab with infinite patience. Samantha and Azure are assigned to Jack Shaw, an instructor known for bringing out the best in his students…even those with absolutely no experience with dogs, like Samantha. Jack understands how difficult it can be to trust the unseen. A former professional football player, he lost everything-his career and his family-through a costly mistake. Jack is determined to make the rest of his life count for something. He knows he can help Samantha, if only she’ll let him. Fiercely independent, Samantha is reluctant to depend on anyone or anything, even a guide dog that is trained to enhance her independence. While at the guide dog school, Samantha is faced with discovering a new way of seeing: trusting in what, or whom, she cannot see.

When You Don’t Know What to Pray
How do you approach God when life gives you circumstances beyond your control? What are the secrets to reaching God regarding your finances, loss, family, health or other concerns? Linda Evans Shepherd knows what it’s like to desperately seek God through prayer. In When You Don’t Know What to Pray, she shows you the how, what, and when of praying for yourself. As she takes you through her own prayer journey and the true stories of others, you will be encouraged and equipped to pray for yourself in any circumstance. You’ll also discover the most important aspect of praying for yourself–that whether or not God changes your circumstances, he will use prayer to change you.

From Anger to Intimacy: How Forgiveness Can Transform Your Marriage
Did you know that spiritual, emotional, physical, and relational exhaustion lead to anger? And unresolved anger leads to sin. All couples deal with anger and how they respond (stuff it, spew it, or study it), can make all the difference in their relationship and in their lives. In From Anger to Intimacy, Gary Smalley and Ted Cunningham explore this often maligned and God-given emotion that, unless dealt with, can strip us of everything we love.

My Big Bottom Blessing
The media feeds us distorted images of beauty and what an “ideal woman” should look like. In My Big Bottom Blessing, author Teasi Cannon offers a way out of distorted body images and the pain of self-rejection. She says, “My obsession with fat and failure robbed me of a lot of the good in my life. I have been miraculously set free from the lie that being thin equals being beautiful.” My Big Bottom Blessing offers Teasi’s story–and real-life solutions for the millions of women who struggle with poor self-esteem and feelings of inadequacy and rejection. Whatever it is that you despise most about yourself (it doesn’t have to be weight) can become the catalyst for serious life change. Teasi’ story proves that emotional pain can be healed and self-confidence found from knowing that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

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Invisible: A Novel
Ellyn DeMoss — chef, café owner, and lover of butter — is hiding behind her extra weight. But what is she hiding? While Ellyn sees the good in others, she has only condemnation for herself. So when a handsome widower claims he’s attracted to Ellyn, she’s certain there’s something wrong with him. Sabina Jackson — tall, slender, and exotic — left her husband, young adult daughters, and a thriving counseling practice to spend a year in Northern California where she says she’s come to heal. But it seems to Ellyn that Sabina’s doing more hiding than healing. What’s she hiding from? Is it God? Twila Boaz has come out of hiding and is working to gain back the pounds she lost when her only goal was to disappear. When her eating disorder is triggered again, though she longs to hide, she instead follows God and fights for her own survival. But will she succeed?

Becca Fisher 20 Story Set (Amish Romance)
This boxed set features 20 Amish Romance stories by Becca Fisher including: Yoder Family Amish Restaurant, Amish Faith Renewed, Amish Christmas Boxed Set, Love Goes On, Graceful Amish Christmas, and fifteen others.

Sadie Palmer 4 Book Set (Amish Romance) (Amish Love Of A Lifetime 0)
This collection features 4 books by Sadie Palmer including: Love Of A Lifetime – Rebecca Bieler and Isaac Schuster have been best friends their entire lives, but she believes they could be more. As with all important decisions, there are risks involved. If Isaac feels the same way, love could blossom between them. But if he doesn’t have romantic feelings for her, it could put a terrible strain on their friendship. Along the way, Rebecca’s patience will be tested, but in the end her faith in God will be the guiding force to see if they can achieve the love of a lifetime.

The Amish Widow’s Faith Boxed Set 1-4 (Amish Romance)
After a long journey, love has finally come to Samantha Lapp’s life. But just as quickly as happiness has found her, tragedy strikes. Samantha is left trying to pick up the pieces of her broken life. Will her faith be strong enough to guide her through, and will she ever be able to open her heart up again after what happened?

How To Memorize The Bible Fast And Easy
Have you ever struggled in your meditation time? Would you like a real working method that will help you know your bible like the back of your hand? In this book you will discover a detailed but simple method that will propel your ability to memorize scripture beyond anything you ever thought possible.
Also by the author for 99¢ today:

The End of America – The Role of Islam in the End Times and Biblical Warnings to Flee America
E END OF AMERICA is now available on Kindle for 99 cents so that every Christian and Jewish American can know what Biblical prophecy reveals will happen to their country. The book details 30 prophetic “mystery” clues identifying a rich, powerful and influential end times nation that will betray Israel and is therefore destroyed in one day/hour/moment. Radical Jihadists’ plans to conquer the world for Allah by bringing “Death to America” are analyzed, comparing Muslim prophecies to Biblical last days verses. Prophecies warning God’s people to flee from this “mystery” nation are studied in depth. WHEN should one flee? WHERE should God’s people flee? THE END OF AMERICA lists nations that will be safe in the latter days, as Jihadists exert political and religious control across the globe. Also studied are the major world events that God’s people should watch for, as Jesus advised.

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The Secret (The Scinegue Series Book 1)
A secretive company keeps itself off the radar and out of the news for over fifty years. What kind of power does it take to command that kind of privacy? What secrets is it trying to hide? Billy Roth doesn’t know and doesn’t really care. His blue collar job collecting garbage for the company pays very well. The last thing he wants to do is risk his position by asking questions, but his coworkers start disappearing and things get really strange, really fast. “Invited” into the company by a couple of thuggish looking bodyguards, Billy is awed by the high level of security and rather impressed to learn the company’s motto: Make every person the best they can be. That sounds like a pretty noble objective, but Billy soon realizes that motto might not be one hundred percent correct. Eliminate every person who’s not the best they can be is starting to sound much more accurate.
More in this series for $3.99 each:

Times of Turmoil: a Christian Thriller (The End Times Saga Book 1)
In this first novel in The End Times Saga (prequel to Times of Trouble and Times of Trial), we follow how the Evans family gained their riches and eventually their power to influence events in the United States. We see important events that the Evans family gets themselves involved in: such as the return of the Israelites to Israel, the assassination of President Kennedy, the terrorism of 9/11, and eventually events that lead to government tyranny in the United States with the sole purpose of destroying Christianity and its influence in the United States.
More in this series for $2.99 each:

An Unexpected Family: Orphan Train Romance Series, Book 1
In this first story, Craig Parker,a local farmer, has been asking widowed Amanda Drake for over a year to marry him, to which Amanda has refused each time. They hear about a train full of orphans coming to their town in Texas and both want to adopt a child as a single parent. When meeting with the Town Council, they are both individually given permission to adopt. Complications arise as Amanda must make a decision that will affect her future and the future of her crippled adopted daughter. Will a marriage of convenience to Craig be the right step to take or should she stay single and raise her daughter on her own? Will she find an unexpected family?
More in this series for 99¢ each:

Overcoming Negative Self-Talk: with the truth of the Gospel (Spiritual Growth by John Stange Book 8)
Every person has a recording that plays over and over in their mind. We repeatedly tell ourselves things that may or may not be true on a daily basis. Some of the things we tell ourselves are accurate, encouraging, edifying and Christ-centered. But just as often, we tell ourselves things that are completely untrue and the fruit of false beliefs or false gospels that we’ve allowed to take root in our heart. Some people spend the bulk of their lives engaging in negative self-talk. They keep themselves in a constant state of discouragement and mental defeat with the words and mantras they repeat to themselves every single day. But Christ wants more for His people. The truth of His Gospel is rich and deep and this truth has the power to counteract the negativity and false beliefs that try to take root in our lives and our thinking.

The Tidy Home: A simple, 7-day solution for cleaning and organizing your entire home (Kindle Quickreads)
In this edition of the Kindle Quickread series, Daria Foster is going to show us a simple, 7-day solution for maintaining a tidy home that is both clean and organized. One of the great benefits of utilizing the system she suggests is that it takes a lot of the stress and “wonder” out of the task of keeping your home tidy.